Roku Remote App

All Rokus come with a dedicated remote. But, have you (or your kids) ever lost or broken it? If so, you could buy another Roku remote. However, if you have a smartphone or tablet you don’t have to. You can download a free Roku remote app. Then again, this Roku remote app is much more than a simple remote control replacement. Read on to find out more about this great Roku app.

How do I install the Roku remote app?

Each of the big three phone operating systems (Android, iPhone, Windows) has an Roku remote app. However, I could only find official Roku remote apps for Android and iPhones. I’m sure Roku will create a Windows smartphone app soon, but there are third-party Roku remote apps you can use in the meantime. Anyway, simply search for “Roku” on any of those and install. All of them are free so this is no cost to you.

Once you’ve downloaded the Roku remote app you must associate your device to the same Wi-Fi network your Roku player is connected to. It will not work otherwise.

Next you need to sign-into your Roku account from the app. After this your Roku player should be become available and you can select it to connect. If you have more than one Roku player the Roku remote app supports multiple players, which is a great feature.

What can I do with the Roku remote app?

All the features found in the normal Roku remote are available. But if you’re a Roku LT owner you get the added bonus of the seven-second rewind not found in the remote that comes with it.
Beyond the remote control features you can do much more:

  • You can directly launch your favorite channels from the app.
  • You can browse and search for new channels directly from this application. What’s nice about this is you can use your smartphone or tablets keypad to do this. This is much easier than using the remote to type in search criteria.
  • You can reorder you favorite channels that show on your Roku channel list.
  • You can rate and give feedback on your favorite Roku channels.
  • One of the coolest new features is you can use their Play on Roku feature. What this allows you to do is show the pictures, play the music and watch the videos that are on your phone or tablet and play them directly on your TV.

Watch this video from Roku that explains what all these features do.

The official Roku remote app is currently only available for iPhone and Android users. Hopefully a Windows version will be available soon.

If you have any more information about the Roku remote app please feel free to contact me anytime.