Roku Private Channels

Roku’s Channel Store has over 750 official channels to choose from. These are channels that Roku has approved for listing.  However, there are other channels that you can add to your favorites, which are called private channels. Why are there Roku private channels? Keep reading to find out.

There are a lot of Roku private channels to choose from. I honestly don’t know how many there are as they are hidden Roku channels. Roku does not review or even necessarily approve of these channels. So why would developers or a company choose to have their channel be hidden Roku channels rather than have it officially approved for listing by Roku? Well, there are a number of reasons.

One reason is that developers will use Roku private channels to test and debug their channels and apps before officially having Roku approve it. Having it as a hidden Roku channel open to only people who know about it offers the developer a good chance to work out all the bugs.

Another reason is that the content of the Roku private channel is of a confidential or, well, private nature. The app or channel may be intended for members or employees of particular groups or companies only, such as training videos.

Finally, the Roku private channel may contain content or material that Roku considers not suitable for their official channel store. An example of this might be adult-only channels.

How do I find Roku private channels?

Since Roku doesn’t officially publish these hidden channels you have to do some searching on the Internet to find them. You can simply enter searches such as “best Roku private channels” or “list of Roku private channels” to get you started and you should be able to find lists of these channels and their installation codes. Please be aware, though, while there are some good channels out there, you may find that some of them may not be the most top quality since they’re not officially approved by Roku. You may have issues such as video freezing or choppy video quality which may result in a less than excellent experience for you.

How do I install a Roku private channel?

Once you find a Roku private channel you would like to load and its code, go to the Roku Add Channel page. Enter the installation code here and you will be on your way to having a new Roku private channel on your channel list. It’s as easy as that.

What are some Roku private channels you recommend?

Nowhere TV (Code: H9DWC. Cost: Free): You can get free content from an assortment of providers, including local news from various stations across the country, which often is available a few hours after airing. This is a channel that was developed by an employee who works for Roku. Checkout Nowhere Headlines and Nowhere Music, too.

PLEX (Code: PLEX. Cost: Free) – If you would like to stream your local media files or content from the web check out PLEX.

PlayOn (Code: myplayon. Cost: $44.99) – CNET has reviewed PlayOn as one of the best channels if your interested in cutting the cord to your cable.

If you have any more information on hidden Roku channels or other Roku private channels you’d like to share please feel free to contact me anytime.