Livestream now on Roku

Livestream is a new channel for Roku. What is Livestream? Livestream is a channel that allows users  to watch live events and archived video content that they offer. This is Livestream’s first effort to bring their video content directly to your TV and Roku is the first streaming player to get this to app.

Livestream chose Roku first because they were impressed by Roku’s current base of millions of users. Plus they also like the fact that Roku’s development environment is an open platform that they could easily build on. However, while Roku is first, they will be looking to get onto other devices soon.

Some of the things you can watch include live events, such as music concerts and local news stations. Users can also search for archived content, all on-demand and instantly available. Just about all of Livestream’s content is available in HD.

I believe that Livestream is a great addition to Roku’s channel lineup.  Check it out soon.

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