Here are a list of articles about Roku. They include reviews of Roku’s competition, how-to articles, and other tips and tricks.



  • How to Set Up Roku: Learn how to quickly setup your new Roku.
  • YouTube on Roku: Unfortunately YouTube is not an official channel yet. Learn why and get a workaround to have YouTube on your Roku.
  • Roku Private Channels: Learn how to find and add hidden Roku channels that are not on the official Roku channel guide.
  • Best Roku Channels: Learn more about which channels are the best Roku channels.
  • Roku is Number One: Roku was recently rated the top streaming player.
  • Roku Remote App: Learn how to get the Roku remote app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Livestream: Livestream is a new channel of Roku providing live and archived video content.
  • M-Go now on Roku