Thanks for stopping by my About page! My name is Aaron and I run the site here: TheBestStreamingPlayer.com.

Of course if you’ve read my Home page you know by now I believe the answer to the question of “What is Roku” is “The best streaming player”. As I’ve mentioned before on this site I purchased my first Roku back in 2011 and my family and I have really enjoyed it. I bought my second player, the Roku 2 XS, recently and with its faster and better looking interface and more options (like games) it just keeps getting better. Plus the content Roku offers keeps growing all the time – much of it free.

I created this site after hearing a friend ask “What is Roku?” after telling him I have a Roku streaming player. I was surprised anyone even asked this question because I thought everyone knew what a Roku was. So I set out to create a site to quickly explain what a Roku is and what it can do for you. I hope I have succeeded in this and have answered your question of what is Roku.

Please contact me if you have any questions.